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IMEI Service

Search Service

Service is low Sucess Ratio
Serice we cannot Guarantee Full Information gets only partial information or what available in Database
 Service information can result  ( Name,Mail,Phone) Or ( Name,Mail,Phone,Adress) Or ( Name,Mail) 
if u get partial information and not get what desired information fully there is strictly no refund. 
This Service is not Full information Service.

incase provided details do not work we can verify with valid youtube upload video proof within 24 hours for delivery

an request sent later are not refunded.

Success rate is 30%

Important note: Warranty is limited to 24hrs. In case the results don't match your expectation, you must immediately and within the first 24hrs after having received our Completion Notification, upload a video capture showing the whole activation process starting from the IMEI screen to the final lock screen such that we can observe the discrepancy between our results and what your device is showing. 
The video has to be uploaded to YouTube then just share the generated link with us. 
Below is a sample of video that we expect to get in order to be able to help solving your issue and refund your order.

Strictly no check nor refund for requests that are past the first 24hrs of delivery


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